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Call or text to begin the recovery process at any time of day or night.


Provide a team member with current insurance information


After the insurance benefits are verified, and a treatment plan is in place, one of our team members will provide transport to our medical facilities at no cost. The initial medical stabilization period is 24 hours.


Once you are comfortably rested and medically stable, one of our team members will discuss the next steps. Together, we'll decide whether that will be additional medical withdrawal stabilization, traditional detox, medically assisted treatment, residential treatment, sober living and/or outpatient programs.


Transportation upon discharge is available as well.

I was out of options and didn't know where to turn. One call to MHS put me on track to sobriety with ease. 
They were caring, knowledgable and treated me with respect 
when I needed help the most.

Richard H., Recovering Addict

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