Eddy Lackmann


  • Sober transportation night and day

  • 24 hours of medical withdrawal stabilization provided at our clinical facility in New Braunfels, TX open 24/7. Treatment is provided by board certified physicians holding additional certifications from the American Society of Addiction Medicine and by a team of nursing staff and techs who also have earned additional certifications in the practice of addiction medicine.

  • 3 days, on average, of medical withdrawal stabilization in a hospital setting.

  • Traditional 3-7 day detox in a clinical setting

  • Residential in-patient treatment or MAT at any number of our affiliate locations.

  • Discharge planning for next steps and follow up care

MHS was recommended by my friend who is clean today. When I called, they picked me up at my house and drove me to their 24 hour clinic where they helped my withdrawal. I was there for about a day and then their case manager and I decided on an outpatient program. So far so good. This place was unlike any other! Thanks y’all.

Adam, Recovering Addict